Hello, my name is Oladiran Johnson
and I am a Full Stack Web Developer

I love solving problems and I aspire to
build websites that promote the quality of every day life

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Goals and aspirations
as Software Engineer

To develop a strong understanding of the different frameworks within my code. Design the most user friendly website interfaces.

Why I chose
Software Engineering

I love solving puzzles and software development is exactly that. No matter what level of proficiency is reached, there is always something to be learned.

How I can help out
the team succeed

I am persistent when it comes to finishing things that I start and I have never been one to give up on accomplishing goals no matter the difficulty. There is always a way to solve any problem.

Skills and Tools

All skills and tools listed below
are frameworks I feel comfortable using on a regular basis.

  • HTML5

    Very comfortable using HTML5. I understand it's various tags and how they are used within the language. Also familiar with how to incorporate different frameworks within HTML code.

  • CSS3

    Familiar with styling tags and syntax. Also comfortable using alternative styling frameworks such as Bootstrap and Materialize.

  • JavaScript

    Proficient understanding of Javascript logic and syntax. Being that JavaScript is so complex there is always more to be learned. Experience with using JQuery and Vanilla JS within JavaScript.

  • React

    Very much like Javascript, I possess a proficient understanding of React, but there is always more to be learned. Comfortable with using React on a daily basis.

  • Python

    Comfortable with using Python and Flask to manipulate backend of application on a daily basis.

  • MongoDB, Mongoose, and Node JS

    Very comfortable with incorporating Mongo and Mongoose in code to store data in backend of application. Also familiar with Node JS structure in Javascript.

Check out my work!

My projects include the likes of games or applications that make use of the tools and skills listed above. Enjoy!