About Me

Who am I?


Despite being born in Oakland, California, I grew up and have lived my whole life in Los Angeles, California. Contrary to the typical childhood of your average Californian native, I grew up with a blend of American and African values due to my family having deep roots from Sierra Leone, West Africa. Both of my parents were born in Freetown, Sierra Leone but eventually made their way to America in pursuit of accomplishing their goals. Though at times it was difficult growing up because I was raised with different values than most children my age, I am proud of my upbringing because now I have a nice blend of American and African cultural understandings.

Being that my parents came from humble beginnings in Sierra Leone, my parents made sure that they instilled the understanding of proper work ethic and not to take things for granted. They challenged me to take the initiative when it came to expanding my learning and to always give my best effort towards anything that I am working on. A common ideal that is practiced throughout African culture is the idea that it takes a whole village to raise a child. My parents taught my older sister and I this value by way of example. Not only do they look out for my sister and myself, they also looked out for the people around them to ensure that everyone had the support they needed.

A little more about me

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am a huge nerd when it comes to sports and video games. With sports, I primarily play basketball but I also play soccer and football. I also love to skateboard and snowboard during the winter. As much as I love playing sports I enjoy watching others do participate professionally and have an appreciation for the talent and work put into being able to compete at that high of a level. For video games I enjoy playing games with well thought out stories or competitive multiplayer. I enjoy progressing and honing my skills and video games gives me a medium to do that with every new game that I play.

Additionally, I am a huge fan of the arts. I enjoy watching very well written shows and animes as well as listening to well crafted music. I have a vast selection of music under a number of different genres. My go-to choice in music revolves mainly around hip-hop and R&B but I do have an appreciation for rock and alternative music. Naturally, I am also enjoy Afro-beat and reggae due to my African ties. If you want to check out what some of my favorite songs currently are, I have compiled short playlist full of some of my favorite songs on Spotify and posted it down below. Enjoy!